The Evolution of Lily on «Modern Family»: A Tale of Multiple Actresses


«Modern Family» is undeniably one of the most beloved sitcoms of recent years. Its diverse characters, hilarious moments, and heartwarming narratives have resonated with audiences globally. Among its standout characters is the lovable Lily Tucker-Pritchett, whose growth we’ve witnessed throughout the show. But did you know that Lily was portrayed by different actresses over the course of the series? Let’s dive deep into the actresses who graced this role.

The Importance of Lily Tucker-Pritchett

Before delving into the actresses, it’s essential to understand Lily’s significance in «Modern Family.» As the adopted daughter of Cameron and Mitchell, Lily’s character not only brought humor but also addressed crucial issues like adoption, cultural identity, and the dynamics of a modern family.

From Baby to Toddler: The Initial Days

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons: While many associate Lily’s character with Aubrey, she wasn’t the first to play the role. However, Aubrey’s entry marked the transition from baby Lily to a toddler with a budding personality. Her witty remarks, sassy attitude, and innocent mischief made her an instant fan favorite. Anderson-Emmons started playing Lily in the third season and continued until the series concluded.

The Adorable Twins: The Baby Lily

Jaden and Ella Hiller: In the first two seasons, Lily was portrayed by the adorable twins, Jaden and Ella Hiller. Switching between twins for young characters is a common practice in TV shows, as it eases the filming process given the limited working hours for young children. The Hiller twins graced the screen with their infectious smiles and gave fans memorable moments, especially in scenes where Cam and Mitchell were navigating the challenges of new parenthood.

Why the Switch?

The creators of «Modern Family» decided to age Lily up slightly by the third season, requiring a slightly older actress who could handle more diverse storylines and dialogues. This was when Aubrey Anderson-Emmons stepped in, bringing her unique charm and spunk to Lily’s character.

Legacy of Lily Tucker-Pritchett

Regardless of the actress, Lily’s character consistently offered moments of humor, enlightenment, and sentiment. Through the various seasons and the different portrayals, Lily’s evolution mirrored the show’s core message: families change, grow, and adapt, but the bond remains unbreakable.


«Modern Family» offered audiences a refreshing perspective on the idea of a ‘conventional family,’ and characters like Lily played a pivotal role in that narrative. While the show featured multiple actresses for Lily’s role, each brought her distinct charm, making Lily one of the show’s most endearing characters. Whether it was the innocent giggles of the Hiller twins or the sass of Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, Lily Tucker-Pritchett remains etched in the hearts of «Modern Family» fans worldwide.


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