Unveiling the Character in Monsters, Inc. with Distinctive Features: Questions and Answers


1. Who is the character in «Monsters, Inc.» with the big lips?

Answer: The character in «Monsters, Inc.» with big lips is named Smitty.

2. What is Smitty’s role in the movie «Monsters, Inc.»?

Answer: Smitty is a minor character in «Monsters, Inc.» and works as a maintenance technician in the monster world.

3. Can you describe Smitty’s appearance in the film?

Answer: Smitty is a short, round monster with large lips and multiple eyes.

4. What are Smitty’s distinctive features, apart from his big lips?

Answer: Apart from his big lips, Smitty has multiple eyes and a rotund body, which are common features of monsters in the film.

5. Does Smitty have a speaking role in «Monsters, Inc.»?

Answer: Smitty has a minor speaking role in the movie, but he doesn’t have significant dialogue or lines.

6. What is the purpose of Smitty’s character in the movie’s storyline?

Answer: Smitty’s character contributes to the overall world-building of the monster universe in «Monsters, Inc.» and adds comedic moments.

7. Is Smitty part of the main cast of characters in «Monsters, Inc.»?

Answer: No, Smitty is not part of the main cast but makes brief appearances in certain scenes.

8. Are there any memorable scenes involving Smitty in «Monsters, Inc.»?

Answer: While Smitty’s role is minor, he appears in some scenes, such as those involving maintenance work in the factory.

9. What is the significance of the character design for Smitty?

Answer: Smitty’s character design reflects the creative and imaginative world of monsters in the film, showcasing a variety of unique and quirky characters.

10. How does Smitty’s character contribute to the humor in «Monsters, Inc.»?

Answer: Smitty’s character adds humor through his appearance and interactions with other monsters, as is common in animated films.

11. Is there any merchandise or collectibles featuring Smitty from «Monsters, Inc.»?

Answer: While Smitty may not be as prominently featured as main characters, there may still be limited merchandise or collectibles available.

12. What other minor characters are notable in «Monsters, Inc.»?

Answer: Other minor characters in «Monsters, Inc.» include various employees and monsters working in the factory.

13. How do Smitty’s big lips fit into the overall character design of monsters in the film?

Answer: Smitty’s big lips are just one example of the creative and diverse character designs that make up the world of monsters in the movie.

14. What is the role of the maintenance department in the monster world of «Monsters, Inc.»?

Answer: The maintenance department in «Monsters, Inc.» is responsible for keeping the factory running smoothly and fixing any issues that arise.

15. Are there any deleted scenes or extended content involving Smitty in «Monsters, Inc.»?

Answer: Deleted scenes or extended content involving Smitty may exist, but they are not part of the main storyline in the film.

16. How does Smitty’s character contribute to the world-building of «Monsters, Inc.»?

Answer: Smitty’s character helps create a sense of a bustling and diverse monster world within the movie.

17. Does Smitty interact with any of the main characters in the film?

Answer: Smitty may have brief interactions with main characters like Sulley and Mike, but he doesn’t play a central role in their storyline.

18. What is the role of comedy relief in «Monsters, Inc.»?

Answer: Comedy relief, often provided by characters like Smitty, adds humor and light-hearted moments to balance the film’s more dramatic elements.

19. Is Smitty’s character present in the sequel, «Monsters University»?

Answer: Smitty does not appear in «Monsters University,» as the sequel primarily focuses on the main characters during their college years.

20. How do the character designs in «Monsters, Inc.» showcase the creativity of the animation team?

Answer: The character designs, including Smitty’s, demonstrate the animation team’s imaginative and innovative approach to creating a visually captivating monster world.

21. Is Smitty a friendly or intimidating character in «Monsters, Inc.»?

Answer: Smitty is portrayed as a friendly and approachable character in the film.

22. How does Smitty’s character reflect the diversity of monsters in the movie?

Answer: Smitty’s character is one of many diverse and unique monsters in the film, showcasing the wide range of imaginative creature designs.

23. What are some of the challenges faced by Smitty in his role at the factory?

Answer: Specific challenges faced by Smitty may not be detailed in the film, as his character serves a minor role in the storyline.


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